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Here Goes Nuthin’

The spousal-unit and I have lived in our house for over a decade now, and only recently have I replaced the temporary (paper) privacy blind in the master bathroom with a makeshift shade—SU went to open the bathroom window and informed me that the blind was caked in dust, and the folds were all but nonexistent.

I’ve had an over three-yard length of Waverly “Sweet Pastimes” toile in sage on a cream background—I am an absolute fool for toile—with the intention of making a shower curtain for the master bathroom. I bought more than enough to make it, and hope there will be enough left over to make a Roman shade for the window, as well as a liner for the basket of doom (aka toiletries).

So far I have cut the shade and lining fabrics, and hemmed the shower curtain.

The phrase that pays during this process: “I cut [the lining] too big wide. Good.”

Fingers crossed all goes well … watch this space!

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Wrong ‘Em, Boyo

(Blog title courtesy of The Clash, with a tip of the hat to Mr. Karel Minor, Executive Director Extraordinaire of Humane Pennsylvania, fellow animal rights supporter and Clash fan)

Picture it: mid-January 2015, late morning, route 422 eastbound, somewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania. The spousal-unit was driving to work when he noticed a cat carrier placed just-so by the side of the highway. He called to tell me about it; unfortunately, he could not stop as it was rush hour and he was already late for work. He said if he saw it on his way home, he’d stop and check it out.


The scene of the crime. (I was not driving when I took this photo BTW)

Fast forward to 8 pm. that same night. Hubcap stopped to find that the carrier was still there, and that there was a (live) cat in it! No idea how long the poor thing had been stuck there; but suffice it to say it was 16 degrees out when the spousal-unit returned to check on the carrier. And (I will try to put this as delicately as I can), the cat had nowhere to go to the bathroom for God only knows how long. It took a lot of bleach and hot water to clean the carrier, and quite frankly I’d have a hard time putting a kitten or a ferret in it, let alone a grown-ass cat, the carrier was so small …

The spousal-unit originally wanted to drop the cat and carrier off at the Animal Rescue League; I said no, as I would prefer to leave the cat with a person rather than dump the cat off in the surrender area.

It was a Tuesday night. The Animal Rescue League is closed on Wednesdays. So the cat was treated to a night in our basement with food, fresh water, a litter box, a bed, and a gazillion hiding places.

I am sure you know where this is headed.

Long story short, within 36 hours of a sort of homecoming, the cat cleaned himself up (yes, he is a boy, he was an intact boy if you get my drift – he is intact no longer [sorry, fellas]), earned the name of Gunnery Sgt. Highway (he was almost Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, after the character in Full Metal Jacket – and my maiden name – but the spousal-unit said no), and endeared himself to the ladies of the family. It helped that the spousal-unit was given two first-class tickets on the Guilt Trip Express (thanks, Mom!) … over two years and a couple vet visits later, SARGE (aka “the Boyo”) has settled well into his fur-ever home, and we are so lucky to have him.


Gunnery Sgt. Highway reporting for duty.

Remember: Adopt! Don’t Shop! Shelter/rescue pets are the best pets, and I speak from experience. And if you can’t adopt, you can support animal welfare organizations in other ways; visit your local shelter for their needs and wish lists.

Oh, and to the negative vibe merchants who dumped this gorgeous cat like so much garbage: Karma will come gunning for you.

Unfortunately, cruelty to cats (animals) is all too common, and receiving increased media coverage. Two cases of feline abuse were reported in my local newspaper (Maisy made Philadelphia news, possibly even national as PETA got involved).

Click here to read about Miracle Maisy, and here to read about Churchill, who bears a distinct resemblance to my Sargey boy. Who, as I type this, is graciously sharing his office chair with me.

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Save the Ta-tas!

After receiving the results of last year’s mammogram … all clear for another year.  What a relief!  I was so ecstatic about it that I charted this:

Save The Ta-tas!

The ribbon is courtesy of and is a breeze to stitch – I made an ornament for my friend EB after she did the Susan G. Komen three-day walk one year (photo to follow) and it took no time at all, it’s that simple. I pulled the font from an old cross stitch book of mine (book information to follow as well).

Ladies – don’t forget to get your annual mammogram.

Gents – don’t forget to remind your special lady (ladies) to get their annual mammograms.

Do your part to Save the Ta-tas!

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Vanity, Thy Name Is BeeKay

“Where in the hell did that hemorrhoid cream go?”  Words I NEVER thought I’d ever utter in my entire lifetime … but I read somewhere it does wonders for puffy eyes, so thought I’d give it a shot.

Now I can’t find it.

And my undereyes are puffy as all get out.  The medical term is “periorbital edema” and is a side effect of chemotherapy, among other things (getting older probably being one of those other things).  NO, I am not currently undergoing treatment for cancer so please just calm down.  I just remembered that term from my days in oncology medical communications.

I am just a vain, vain broad.  You should see my bathroom.  I’m a sucker for every lotion, potion and concoction that is said to combat under-eye circles/laugh lines/red skin/dry skin.  I have mascaras that are supposed to lengthen, thicken, chub-up, or darken my eyelashes, and lipglosses to make my teeth look whiter.  Whitening pre-brush rinse?  Check.  Whitening toothpaste?  Check.  Whitening BOOSTER?  Check.  There’s also a “pulse machine” (shut up) that you are supposed to use under your eyes to “massage” dark circles and under-eye puffiness away.  I have yet to see if it works.

My bathroom is chock full of various cellulite treatments (hardly used), blackhead removal strips (never used), tubes and tubs and bottles and boxes of facial products (many of which have expired).  I have tons and tons and TONS of makeup that I received from Clinique giveaways (spend $35 and get a cosmetic bag full of goodies – oh, yeah, I have tons of empty cosmetic bags too), as well as makeup that I tried owing to excellent reviews in beauty and fashion magazines (curse you, Allure magazine, for this and having Kim Kardashian on your cover at least TWICE now).

In my shower, and in a rack by my shower, you will find shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels and hairsprays promising to thicken baby-fine hair (which I have) or make color-treated hair glossy …  Suave just came out with a line of product containing Moroccan argan oil and trust me when I tell you IT FREAKING WORKS: – I’ve had it for a week and already notice a difference – let’s just say that the glare of sunshine off my hair would be enough to blind you, and my split ends seem to have bid me adieu.

I have an online friend who uses old cosmetics in her artwork … she’s about to receive one hell of a care package in the days to come!  Jerri, keep an eye out on your mail (that is, if the USPS doesn’t “misdirect” it.  But that’s another story for another time …).

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Kick Out The Jam(berry)s!

Like most women, I like having a nice manicure. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have the time or the money to maintain said nice manicure – not to mention the polish streaks left on paperwork I need to shuffle through, or beneath the light switches in my house (don’t get my husband started on that). So I settled for keeping my nails clean with or without a clear varnish, but from time to time would find myself wishing that I could rock crimson painted nails, or really sweet nail art.

Enter Jamberry.

Exit manicure envy!

My saucy Aussie friend Tali turned me on to Jamberry wraps earlier this year and I have to say they are fabulous. Their wrap design (over 500) themes run the gamut from seasonal and holiday to sports and hobbies to floral to incredibly cool graphic art! (I have Passport, Fire Engine, Curve Ball, and Fur Real). They also offer single-color wraps, and many of these wraps come in different finishes (matte, glossy, metallic, etc.).

They are amazingly easy to apply – they are heat-activated and you can use your hair dryer to prep them – and there’s no need for dry time either. Plus there’s no chipping, no streaking (which my husband is perfectly fine with LOL), and no chemicals.

You’re left with an awesome manicure that lasts at least two weeks! And if I can do it, so too can you J.

For signature style at your fingertips, visit Jamberry. You’ll love their products.

Now it’s time for me to kick out my Jams and get “Fur Real”!


Follow my saucy Aussie consultant Tali …and don’t hesitate to contact her to plan your own Jamberry party!





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It’s a Brand New Day

Apparently I’ve had this blog for a very, very long time now and didn’t do sweet eff-all with it.

That’s about to change …

It’s pretty apt that the theme I’ve chosen is called “Brand New Day” for I am truly starting over, in so many things.

Watch this space!  🙂

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