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‘Twas Nice While It Lasted

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been waking up at ungodly hours for absolutely no reason. Even on mornings when I don’t have anything to do until later in the morning, closer to lunchtime, I’m awake before six.

Yesterday was the exception. The spousal-unit let me be and I slept peacefully until 11:00! It was bliss!


This morning I didn’t have to get up until just before seven.

Woke up this morning an hour and a half before I needed to.


And I had to take a break from sewing. Ever since I broke my collarbone, any extended periods of repetitive motion with my right arm (guiding material through the sewing machine, ironing) ends up with my right hand cramping up like nobody’s business, and a sore shoulder at bedtime. Sometimes my hand cramps up and seizes so badly it does the Vulcan salute on its own.


(More like “Sew Long and Suffer.”)

Not. Fun. It’s actually quite painful. I’ve taken to sleeping with a heating pad for my back, and popping Aleve like Tic-Tacs.

Why put up with this? you may ask. Surely there is a surgical remedy. Not necessarily. I did speak with an osteopathic surgeon about this, and he said surgery might make it better, or it might make it worse. I’ll not take my chances and just hope it improves on its own.

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

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So, Here I Am (Again)

It’s 0635 on Sunday, and I’m in front of my PC waiting for my hazelnut coffee to brew, looking up instructions to make an eclipse viewer for tomorrow afternoon’s solar eclipse, and trying to figure out how to get down the shore before Labor Day.  I also have a few things to iron out so that I can get down the shore before Labor Day but those things will have to wait until tomorrow.

IDK what the deal is with this PC, but whenever I have Facebook up and running, it seems to disrupt access to other sites. FB is slow as molasses on this PC anyway so why do I bother? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

So its another early day after little or no sleep. I’m hoping that I won’t have to do any yard work today, not looking forward to it after last night’s storm but that decision won’t be made until the spousal-unit wakes up, which probably won’t be for another couple hours (lucky duck).

I did get a lot of stuff done tho’ not a lot of it was housework. Sent back my defective BlackBerry, got my new BlackBerry up and running to my specs, shipped out three fabric bowls, and had a nice dinner and chat with an old and dear friend of ours.

But what I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep!

And again, some of my friends say they like cleaning. I wish I shared that trait. I mean, I like nothing more than the smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom but all that effort! Maybe I’m too lazy for home ownership. Scratch that. Maybe if the spousal-unit would agree to have friends over for candlelight suppers, I’d be more inclined to keep a seriously tidy house.

The Candlelight Suppers

Here’s hoping for a few days down the shore, lazing poolside or on the beach, gorging myself on fresh crabs and Dolle’s salt water taffy, and just chilling out before getting down to brass tacks.

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So Much For THAT, part two

Well, I got a 20% off my entire purchase coupon… and the Casa to boot! What can I say… it’s a sickness. I will have the goods to make even yet still more bowls and snappy bags, etc.

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Here Goes Nuthin’

The spousal-unit and I have lived in our house for over a decade now, and only recently have I replaced the temporary (paper) privacy blind in the master bathroom with a makeshift shade—SU went to open the bathroom window and informed me that the blind was caked in dust, and the folds were all but nonexistent.

I’ve had an over three-yard length of Waverly “Sweet Pastimes” toile in sage on a cream background—I am an absolute fool for toile—with the intention of making a shower curtain for the master bathroom. I bought more than enough to make it, and hope there will be enough left over to make a Roman shade for the window, as well as a liner for the basket of doom (aka toiletries).

So far I have cut the shade and lining fabrics, and hemmed the shower curtain.

The phrase that pays during this process: “I cut [the lining] too big wide. Good.”

Fingers crossed all goes well … watch this space!

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