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Insomnia Strikes Again

Well, it’s almost five o’clock on Sunday morning, and Yours Truly is awake at an ungodly hour yet again. While the other inhabitants chez moi are snoozing snugly in their beds, I am sitting here (standing, actually) drafting a new blog post.

IDK why this recent phase of insomnia is ongoing. I take 10 mg of melatonin about an hour before I want to hit the hay—though I probably should not indulge in a couple of Starburst fruit chews after taking them. Then I get engrossed in “Forensic Files,” when I should probably dig up my Linguistics textbook from my junior year of college. THAT is the book form of Ambien, just without the sleep driving, sleep cooking, or whatever other sleep activities that are scary and messed up.

I have a lot of craft projects I need to crank out sooner rather than later. Can’t run the sewing machine at this hour because sleeping spousal unit. Maybe I’ll cut fabric for snappy bags, headbands, and pin basket linings.

OH! And speaking of candy, we won’t have to buy any for a good long time. We bought a shed load of candy for trick-or-treaters—in my neck of the woods, trick-or-treat is 10/30 and 10/31; it has been that way since I was a wee lass growing up here, which people who are not from here don’t get—not to mention my candy jar, which is fully stocked.

Fully stocked candy jar

I’m sure cavities, or weight gain, will be imminent.


Sweets from BJ’s Warehouse. I could spend all day in that place

  • 225 pieces/4 pounds of grape and strawberry Nerds (yuck), strawberry and banana Laffy Taffy (yum), and Everlasting Gobstoppers (double yum)
  • 145 pieces/2.5 pounds of Hershey bars (meh), Reese’s peanut butter cup minis (yum), Whoppers (more yum), and Kit Kat bars (meh)
  • 180 pieces/4.5 pounds of Skittles (YUM), Starburst originals (YUM X two), and Life Savers Gummies (yuck)

As you can see, the chocolate has been raided already, not by me.

I leave you with this:

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Work It Sunday

Today is Work It Sunday. It is also Laugh At Sarge Getting Up To No Good Sunday, as he is kicking up dickens.

I have a gift package for a friend almost ready to go out in tomorrow’s post. Sarge decided to be helpful by knocking it over and dragging out the teddy bear that was in it for quality control inspection. He then tested the box to ensure that it would meet USPS shipping requirements by standing on it.

After that, he called a meeting with Maggie to discuss the quality of the new pet bed. She didn’t have much to say on that subject.

He is now snoozing happily with “his” bear, which will not be his bear for very much longer. I will eventually make him another one, the spoiled little guy.


So, laundry is washing, pedicure is drying (L’Oréal Steel Colour in 100 POW! Perle),


My ugly-ass feet.

and the Singer is pumpin’ cloth bowls and snappy bags, today in a shamrock print with a green lining. After that, the bear and pin, both of which Absolutely Must Get Finished Before I Go To Bed Tonight.

Next in the pipeline: basket liners for the powder room and master bathroom, Roman shade and shower curtain for the master bathroom, a shopping bag (view C), with this fabric


and then even yet still more cloth bowls and snappy bags.

And housework. Ugh. Tomorrow is Clean The Bejesus Out Of The Powder Room Day as I want to give it a mini-makeover. Pray for me to the Domestic Goddesses, if you will.



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Whiskey Tango Hotel

So I’m taking a day or so to get caught up on projects that were left by the wayside due to a sliced finger and then a lovely summer cold, complete with allergies (blech!!). Now I’m back at it … but I would have preferred to get back at it around 9:00 a.m., not at 6:00 a.m.

To update: Simplicity 3799 is cut VERY small. I typically wear anywhere between a size 2 and a size 6, so opted to go with the XXS tunic and shorts. The XXS is allegedly a size 4.

That was a mistake.

I can’t pull the tunic down over my shoulders and I can’t pull the shorts up over my hips.

(Apparently my hips DO lie.)

I’m glad I didn’t cut the blue crepe with the embroidered anchors otherwise I’d be superp!ssed. I just need to get a new pattern, and go with size small next time. So someone’s little girl will be the lucky beneficiary of custom-made duds. Black, red, and white paisley tunic, and black shorts. Hit me up if you’re interested; some minor hemming needs to be done but for the most part they’re good to go.

The bear is almost done; the arms, legs, and back seams need to be slip-stitched shut, and I have to finish that wretched vest.

I also made a small bowl (Simplicity 1126), a plaid skirt (Simplicity 2184), and plan to make a pair of shorts (in the correct size, mind you—McCall’s 6930). Finally, I bought a new mat and frame for “When I Am an Old Cat” and hope to re-hang it later today.

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An Exciting Past Few Days

[Edited 6/10/2017]

I have been one of the gainfully unemployed for over two years, and while sometimes not working was fun, on the whole it was soul-crushing boredom. I took up sewing again, got back into designing my own cross stitch patterns (I have yet to execute any of them as of this moment, but hey! it’s only 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning! the day is still young, right?), and took up meditation to (try to) get my mind serene.

On Thursday, my local paper had an advertisement announcing a need for obituary writers (part-time). The hours are great (afternoons, with some weekends), the office is conveniently located downtown (park-and-ride! mass transit! this would be awesome!) I lined up my references, drafted a cover letter, and sent in my résumé.

Another downtown employer is seeking a Visitor Experience Supervisor; résumé will be cued up and sent out shortly.

So hopefully within the next few weeks (days? a girl can hope, can’t she?), I will have a new gig lined up.

Last week, I sent a letter to the spousal-unit’s incredibly cool, generous, and talented aunt; she is an artist living in South Dakota and we correspond frequently. In the letter, I included photos of Maggie and Sarge.

In return, she sent me a piece of her work titled Notions and I have to say it will look amazing in my craft room! I can’t wait to hang it. Not sure what I will send her in return but it’s going to have to kick ass. (But now that I think of it, I have an idea … watch this space!)

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Wrong ‘Em, Boyo

(Blog title courtesy of The Clash, with a tip of the hat to Mr. Karel Minor, Executive Director Extraordinaire of Humane Pennsylvania, fellow animal rights supporter and Clash fan)

Picture it: mid-January 2015, late morning, route 422 eastbound, somewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania. The spousal-unit was driving to work when he noticed a cat carrier placed just-so by the side of the highway. He called to tell me about it; unfortunately, he could not stop as it was rush hour and he was already late for work. He said if he saw it on his way home, he’d stop and check it out.


The scene of the crime. (I was not driving when I took this photo BTW)

Fast forward to 8 pm. that same night. Hubcap stopped to find that the carrier was still there, and that there was a (live) cat in it! No idea how long the poor thing had been stuck there; but suffice it to say it was 16 degrees out when the spousal-unit returned to check on the carrier. And (I will try to put this as delicately as I can), the cat had nowhere to go to the bathroom for God only knows how long. It took a lot of bleach and hot water to clean the carrier, and quite frankly I’d have a hard time putting a kitten or a ferret in it, let alone a grown-ass cat, the carrier was so small …

The spousal-unit originally wanted to drop the cat and carrier off at the Animal Rescue League; I said no, as I would prefer to leave the cat with a person rather than dump the cat off in the surrender area.

It was a Tuesday night. The Animal Rescue League is closed on Wednesdays. So the cat was treated to a night in our basement with food, fresh water, a litter box, a bed, and a gazillion hiding places.

I am sure you know where this is headed.

Long story short, within 36 hours of a sort of homecoming, the cat cleaned himself up (yes, he is a boy, he was an intact boy if you get my drift – he is intact no longer [sorry, fellas]), earned the name of Gunnery Sgt. Highway (he was almost Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, after the character in Full Metal Jacket – and my maiden name – but the spousal-unit said no), and endeared himself to the ladies of the family. It helped that the spousal-unit was given two first-class tickets on the Guilt Trip Express (thanks, Mom!) … over two years and a couple vet visits later, SARGE (aka “the Boyo”) has settled well into his fur-ever home, and we are so lucky to have him.


Gunnery Sgt. Highway reporting for duty.

Remember: Adopt! Don’t Shop! Shelter/rescue pets are the best pets, and I speak from experience. And if you can’t adopt, you can support animal welfare organizations in other ways; visit your local shelter for their needs and wish lists.

Oh, and to the negative vibe merchants who dumped this gorgeous cat like so much garbage: Karma will come gunning for you.

Unfortunately, cruelty to cats (animals) is all too common, and receiving increased media coverage. Two cases of feline abuse were reported in my local newspaper (Maisy made Philadelphia news, possibly even national as PETA got involved).

Click here to read about Miracle Maisy, and here to read about Churchill, who bears a distinct resemblance to my Sargey boy. Who, as I type this, is graciously sharing his office chair with me.

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