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Insomnia Strikes Again

Well, it’s almost five o’clock on Sunday morning, and Yours Truly is awake at an ungodly hour yet again. While the other inhabitants chez moi are snoozing snugly in their beds, I am sitting here (standing, actually) drafting a new blog post.

IDK why this recent phase of insomnia is ongoing. I take 10 mg of melatonin about an hour before I want to hit the hay—though I probably should not indulge in a couple of Starburst fruit chews after taking them. Then I get engrossed in “Forensic Files,” when I should probably dig up my Linguistics textbook from my junior year of college. THAT is the book form of Ambien, just without the sleep driving, sleep cooking, or whatever other sleep activities that are scary and messed up.

I have a lot of craft projects I need to crank out sooner rather than later. Can’t run the sewing machine at this hour because sleeping spousal unit. Maybe I’ll cut fabric for snappy bags, headbands, and pin basket linings.

OH! And speaking of candy, we won’t have to buy any for a good long time. We bought a shed load of candy for trick-or-treaters—in my neck of the woods, trick-or-treat is 10/30 and 10/31; it has been that way since I was a wee lass growing up here, which people who are not from here don’t get—not to mention my candy jar, which is fully stocked.

Fully stocked candy jar

I’m sure cavities, or weight gain, will be imminent.


Sweets from BJ’s Warehouse. I could spend all day in that place

  • 225 pieces/4 pounds of grape and strawberry Nerds (yuck), strawberry and banana Laffy Taffy (yum), and Everlasting Gobstoppers (double yum)
  • 145 pieces/2.5 pounds of Hershey bars (meh), Reese’s peanut butter cup minis (yum), Whoppers (more yum), and Kit Kat bars (meh)
  • 180 pieces/4.5 pounds of Skittles (YUM), Starburst originals (YUM X two), and Life Savers Gummies (yuck)

As you can see, the chocolate has been raided already, not by me.

I leave you with this:

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‘Twas Nice While It Lasted

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been waking up at ungodly hours for absolutely no reason. Even on mornings when I don’t have anything to do until later in the morning, closer to lunchtime, I’m awake before six.

Yesterday was the exception. The spousal-unit let me be and I slept peacefully until 11:00! It was bliss!


This morning I didn’t have to get up until just before seven.

Woke up this morning an hour and a half before I needed to.


And I had to take a break from sewing. Ever since I broke my collarbone, any extended periods of repetitive motion with my right arm (guiding material through the sewing machine, ironing) ends up with my right hand cramping up like nobody’s business, and a sore shoulder at bedtime. Sometimes my hand cramps up and seizes so badly it does the Vulcan salute on its own.


(More like “Sew Long and Suffer.”)

Not. Fun. It’s actually quite painful. I’ve taken to sleeping with a heating pad for my back, and popping Aleve like Tic-Tacs.

Why put up with this? you may ask. Surely there is a surgical remedy. Not necessarily. I did speak with an osteopathic surgeon about this, and he said surgery might make it better, or it might make it worse. I’ll not take my chances and just hope it improves on its own.

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

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And Here We Are, AGAIN

Well, it’s 0443 and I am awake WAY earlier than I need to be. Unfortunately, the creative juices decided to get flowing so I figured it would be best to just stay up, check my email, check Facebook, and make a final list of what I’d like to get ready to post on I have a ton of the cloth bowls made, mainly Halloween- and football-themed, with some fun and fabulous ones to boot, and have holiday-themed ones ready to be assembled.

I also decided to make some really sweet team headbands. By the end of the week, I’ll have (drum roll please) …

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Philadelphia Flyers
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • New England Patriots
  • Miami Dolphins

along with some cute quirky prints. If these do well (fingers crossed they do), there will be baseball headbands shortly after the New Year. (Photos to follow, BTW.)

Once I have prices figured out, it’ll be off to the races! As always, watch this space!

I managed to see Tulip Fever when it was in my neck of the woods. Dame Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz amazingly excellent as usual (tho’ Ms. Dench was on screen for maybe a total of 15 minutes) and Alicia Vikander (who is getting married to Michael Fassbender of Inglourious Basterds fame) is a stunningly gorgeous talent. Looking forward to seeing Victoria and Abdul (again with The Dame, there is nothing like a dame) and maybe going on a haunted house tour in anticipation of Halloween.

Finally, Pinky the bear is ready to go to her new home. Sarge is sad to see her go, but he has found a new friend in Gingham the cat. Only in this house do the cats get homemade toys. (Again, photos to follow.)

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And So It Goes …

Well, the first round of bowls went out and one out of three was well-received; still waiting for comments on the other two. In the meantime, I have pulled together 15 more (!!!) that have been basted and are ready to be gathered and completed. Here are the fabric combinations I have put together so far:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also plan to make a few holiday bowls—Halloween and Christmas—and some football and baseball ones as well.

Once these bowls are completed, I plan to sell them on as BeeKay Creations.

Unfortunately, this new endeavor means that my sage green toile shower curtain, Roman shade, and basket liner for the master bathroom, as well as summer clothing, have all been put on the back burner. Ditto the blue toile basket liner for the powder room.

As always, watch this space!


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Introducing Colour Cure!

Earlier this week, my saucy Aussie friend Tali introduced me to Colour Cure, another product line from Jamberry, and I must say it’s pretty sweet!

Essentially, it’s three products in one—base coat, lacquer, and top coat. You apply one or two coats and cure it with the UV/LED lamp (which looks like a miniature igloo for your fingertips) for just over a minute and a half and voilà! Perfectly gorgeous nails. And no streaking! I rifled through paperwork, did a lot of craftwork and my nails remained perfect! (BTW I chose Firecracker: the photo below does not do it justice.)


colour cure

Ugh, old lady hands!

To get signature style for your fingertips, check out Tali’s site!





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Get(ting) Back

So I have finally gotten my new(est) BlackBerry—no smartassery, please, I just can’t with a touchscreen—and got it up to speed. AND I have WordPress up and running on it! Yay me!

At any rate, four of the six prototype bowls have gone out, with two so far receiving rave reviews. I also received a 20% off total purchase coupon from JoAnn Fabrics, so you all know what that means, right?

It means yours truly is off to the bowl-creating races! I have so many creative ideas in mind, and can’t wait to bring them to fruition.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, I neglected to buy a replacement pattern for the bowl; the original has clearly seen better days and has taken quite the beating.


A friend of mine at That Place suggested I make miniature versions of the bowls for party favors. First draft is still in play.

I also have to take the time to clear out/straighten up the room over the garage so it can (finally) become the amazing craft room/spare office/spare bedroom/kitty haven I’m envisioning it to be. I just need someone (someones?) to help make an old recliner disappear. Older brother-in-law (OBIL) wonders how I work in organized chaos, given that the spousal-unit is a neat freak.

Also, last night I decided to try out a new macaroni and cheese recipe that included cremini mushrooms and liquid smoke. It did not end well. I will not bother you with it, dear reader, as it was not that great. I will stick with my tried-and-true mac and cheese concoction going forward, #thankyouverymuch.


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So, Here I Am (Again)

It’s 0635 on Sunday, and I’m in front of my PC waiting for my hazelnut coffee to brew, looking up instructions to make an eclipse viewer for tomorrow afternoon’s solar eclipse, and trying to figure out how to get down the shore before Labor Day.  I also have a few things to iron out so that I can get down the shore before Labor Day but those things will have to wait until tomorrow.

IDK what the deal is with this PC, but whenever I have Facebook up and running, it seems to disrupt access to other sites. FB is slow as molasses on this PC anyway so why do I bother? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

So its another early day after little or no sleep. I’m hoping that I won’t have to do any yard work today, not looking forward to it after last night’s storm but that decision won’t be made until the spousal-unit wakes up, which probably won’t be for another couple hours (lucky duck).

I did get a lot of stuff done tho’ not a lot of it was housework. Sent back my defective BlackBerry, got my new BlackBerry up and running to my specs, shipped out three fabric bowls, and had a nice dinner and chat with an old and dear friend of ours.

But what I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep!

And again, some of my friends say they like cleaning. I wish I shared that trait. I mean, I like nothing more than the smell of a freshly cleaned bathroom but all that effort! Maybe I’m too lazy for home ownership. Scratch that. Maybe if the spousal-unit would agree to have friends over for candlelight suppers, I’d be more inclined to keep a seriously tidy house.

The Candlelight Suppers

Here’s hoping for a few days down the shore, lazing poolside or on the beach, gorging myself on fresh crabs and Dolle’s salt water taffy, and just chilling out before getting down to brass tacks.

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Now We’re Cookin’ With Gas



Love Paris, La Tour Eiffel, Play Ball!, Love Paris, Rosebuds, Mystical Purple

Here we go again!

These are the latest fabrics I have queued up for more cloth bowls. Some of you will receive one for critique. The catch? There is no catch—you get to keep the bowl in exchange for your comments.

I have chosen six or seven of you to have a look at one; all I ask is that you be honest and let me know your thoughts. Keep an eye on your mailbox!


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BK Happy!

I would have preferred to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth but …


If not for the spousal-unit sleeping down the hall, I’d do the happy ferret dance.


(this is not my ferret, BTW)

Alas, I’ll have to wait until November 2019 for Bond 25. I guess I will have to binge watch Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre (I’m not a fan of Quantum of Solace but I may have to suck it up) till then.


When I grow up, I want to be as fierce as Dame Judi Dench

And have a desk tidy enough to keep Jack 🙂 on it.

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You Know What Else?

Today sucks.

I am so motivated to get my crafts out into the world but have encountered barriers to entry, namely:

  • housework
  • yardwork
  • lack of shipping boxes
  • fear of rejection

I love my house—don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing and I wish we did more with it (ie, decorating and entertaining but that’s an entirely different subject and I will blog about it later)—but man oh man oh Manischewitz keeping it up is no fun (I will say Christmas 2005 was pretty sweet though).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know people who say they love cleaning. I wish that trait were contagious: I could really use it now. Ditto yardwork but quite frankly the spousal-unit does the lion’s share of it. I do all the weed whacking, which takes all of half an hour (45 minutes if the steps get to me) but I prefer to do it later in the day when there’s more shade. We had Motta’s Country Gardens and Landscaping clean out our beds (we could not decide on plants but as long as everything was cleaned up, it was all good).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also have to clean the front porch off as it is Aragog Central and I just can’t have that. Too many spiders just creep me out. Ick, even thinking about it is giving me the creepy crawlies.

Shipping boxes, I want only a few rather than a bundle of 25 just in case the ones I have my eye on won’t work as well as I’d like them to. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Fear of rejection, though, is the biggest barrier to anything and everything I undertake. It is a normal natural fear but it really seems to get out of hand for me at times. I suffer from mild anxiety and depression (on meds and in therapy for it) but jeez Louise, it can get utterly ridiculous. For instance, I have a baby girl gift that’s WAY overdue but “OMG what if I mess up the slip stitching?” Way to get it to her before she graduates college, right? If you get it done soon, the dress will still fit, remember you sized it large just to be safe? And handmade is always charming.


Ditto on a get well gift but “OMG you should have sent it earlier!” Guess what? The things that are in it aren’t perishable and will come in handy at some point in time so shut it, right?


People are going to get these bowls for free, just to provide their opinion on the overall quality—and they’re all going to say “these bowls suck.”


(he was only saying it to be nice, he probably threw it out)

This is what I deal with on an almost daily basis. I wasn’t always like this, but I firmly believe what caused this (and the catalyst for it) but you will have to wait for my memoirs to come out to learn the real deal.

You’d think I would want to make things easier on myself but clearly I do not, therefore anxiety and depression diagnosis, therefore therapy.




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